Why is Samsung’s Galaxy S9 flagship struggling?

It wasn’t what Samsung or its investors were hoping for.
The company’s electronics division has just posted a drop in its latest net profit – and it says “lower-than-expected sales” of its flagship Galaxy S9 smartphone were to blame.
The handset launched in February to a mixed reception.
Critics praised some of its new camera tricks, including the way it made it relatively easy to capture key moments in “super-slow-motion” video.
But they also cast doubt over whether the company had given consumers enough reasons to upgrade.
What is Samsung saying?
Despite speculation that the S9’s sales have been the series’s weakest since the S3, the company has not disclosed exact numbers.
The closest it came was to confirm the division responsible had suffered a 20% revenue drop.
But executives did tackle the matter head on during a conference call in which they referred to a “stagnant high-end market”.
“As smartphones become more high-spec and product differentiation is becoming less clear, the global handset replacement cycles are getting longer,” said one representative.
“Also, the higher price points of premium products appear to be driving market resistance.”
In other words, Samsung believes the S9 failed to distinguish itself from other high-end handsets at the same time as being too expensive for many consumers’ pockets.
Why has the S9 struggled to stand out?
With a few exceptions, most smartphones look pretty similar these days: a flat panel of glass fixed to a curved metal rear, with the bezels kept to a minimum.

Source: BBC

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