What’s the least popular emoji on Twitter?

Emojis often express emotions without words. You may have used a heart, thumbs up or sad face to show how you feel.
But others are more obscure – so you probably haven’t used “aerial tramway” or “non-potable water symbol” to express your innermost thoughts.
A tool which tracks emoji use found those two have at various points been the least used on Twitter.
But recently a new candidate emerged for the world’s loneliest emoji: “Input symbol for Latin capital letters”.
Tracking emojis
Matthew Rothenberg’s Emoji Tracker processes every single tweet posted on the social network, in any language, and counts how often each emoji is used.
The tracker has logged 23 billion tweets since he created it in July 2013. The most popular emoji, “face with tears of joy” (you may know it better as the “laughing/crying” emoji), has been posted over 2 billion times since then.
“I was mostly curious to see how people used different emoji,” Rothenberg told the BBC.
“Seeing the varied cultural usage of different emoji sometimes can often reveal interesting and unexpected things.”

Top ten most popular emojis on Twitter

  • Face with tears of joy (top left)
  • Heart
  • Recycling symbol
  • Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes
  • Heart suit (a slightly different version of “Heart”)
  • Loudly crying face
  • Smiling face with smiling eyes
  • Unamused face
  • Two hearts
  • Face throwing a kiss (bottom right)
  • Source: Emoji Tracker

    Source: BBC

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