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TM Technologies Issues First License for Telecom

TUCSON, Ariz.–()–TM Technologies, a Tucson, Arizona, based communications technology firm, has announced that after several years of development, its patented TM modulation DSP method has completed validation testing by a renowned independent RF signals analysis lab. Among the findings, the evaluating engineering team’s report stated, “Based on the doubling of the information rate within the confined channel, a two times improvement in spectral efficiency was observed as compared to the traditional QAM256 signal.”

Following these test results, an initial development and use license was negotiated with an affiliated carrier-grade telecom radio company for the integration of the TM waveform within its microwave backhaul radio links. The resulting radio is planned to be capable of doubling 256-QAM data rates, or 16 bits per second per Hertz, at a noise level representative of 256-QAM alone. This calculates to an equivalent 65,536-QAM at a 256-QAM noise level, in short — representing one of the most efficient communications data methods to date. It is believed that the emplaced microwave radio link will be prepared, tested and available for customers in the 4th quarter of this year.

Company CEO Dan Hodges noted that “…TM’s simulations and its effectiveness in high-order QAMs prove that it is theoretically useful across the entire RF spectrum and frequency range. The Company will be developing TM software cores for use with PSK, FSK and OFDM overlays in telecom, satellite, WiFi and fiber-use cases. As an example, while CDMA technology added a near 30% efficiency increase to communications channels, TM has shown to double the efficiencies of sophisticated modern modulation methods, and in the cases of simpler modulations such as AM, FM, PSK and FSK, it can be multiples of that. With the ‘spectrum crunch’ in full swing, we hope to see TM added into every channel possible to delay the shortage’s impact on our culture.”

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