Tizian Feldbusch: Forging a career in eSports

Kill or be killed. That is how Counter Strike, one of the most successful first-person shooting games, looks to the untrained eye. But beneath the digital bloodshed lies a game of strategy, in which players rely heavily on their teammates round after round, navigating a map they have memorized, acquiring resources, eliminating the opposing team one by one and of course, surviving until the bitter end.

Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) was only launched in 2012 but quickly became popular enough for many professional gamers to make it a profession.

German CS:GO player Tizian “tiziaN” Feldbusch (pictured above, left) is one of those professional gamers. The now 22-year-old began playing when he was 12, inspired and motivated by his brother’s command of the game.

But due to a fierce competitive drive, first to beat his brother and then to master the game, Tizian got picked up by his first team at the early age of 16. Today, he plays CS:GO at Berlin International Gaming (BIG), an organization that was launched in 2017 and hopes to become the leader in German eSports.

The team recently made German Counter Strike history by reaching the finals at ELS Cologne 2018. Although they did not win the big prize, it was not only a significant achievement for Tizian, but it was also a testament to the growth and potential of Counter Strike in Germany.

“The arena, the fans, and the feeling to play there was one of the best experiences of my life,” Tizian told DW.

Winning requires teamwork

Source: DW

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