The top 5 reasons you should sign up for inLinx

Have you heard about inLinx? We’re a new social media platform available for download on both iOS and Android devices. inLinx was invented to give you back control of how you use a social media platform.

We understand the frustration of being limited by a social platform and not being able to fully control who has access to what you post. At inLinx, those limitations have been removed. You decide who gets to see what you post even with your Linx list. A linx is what we call friends on our platform. 

We know that you’ll be impressed by our legendary approach to social media – download our app today and experience it for yourself. But before you do that, check out the top 5 reasons why you should sign up for inLinx:

  1. Access state-of-the-art privacy levels that put you in control of your social media experience
  2. Organise your family and friends into families on the platform that make sense to you and the way you communicate with them
  3. Use the ‘Treat As’ function to deepen your level of control
  4. Make new friends in the 1990s style old-school chatroom 
  5. List your sidehustle or your small business with a fully swotted up SEO business listing

inLinx is a place for families virtual families, birth families and even the families you make with your friends and everything in between. Available in over 50 languages, we are confident that inLinx is a platform for everyone.

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