The Power of Social Media: Connecting and Spreading the Love

On social media nowadays, everyone is so concentrated on gaining followers, getting the most likes, and posting the best parts of their day. However, the story that we show on social media today, isn’t a real reflection of our true life. Sometimes life isn’t always about the good, and when we ignore the bad, we never heal our wounds or find the people that can uplift our soul.

Braxton Kilgo is a social media influencer that is really embracing the word influencer and working to connect people to help heal, love, and learn. To him, “If you want to label yourself as an influencer…you have to take that section ‘the influencer’ and do something with it”.

So, he used his social media platform to help people tell their story. When Braxton was asked to speak at a middle school, he realized the awful truths that middle schoolers were facing each and every day. He said some people were cutting themselves, others had terrible home lives, and many were bullied.

This inspired him to start the “I Believe in You” app and movement. Through the movement, you can buy a bracelet to give to someone that may be in need of a pick-me-up. The bracelets empower people to accomplish and overcome any situation and encourages them on whatever path they’re on. Each bracelet can also be scanned so that you can tell your story or interaction online and share the love to connect with even more people.

Just like the “I Believe in You” movement, inLinx is also dedicated to making social media a safe space again. We want everyone to feel comfortable and confident to show their real self on the internet. Social media was meant to be our go-to spot to share our true feelings and connect and heal with real people, so let’s make it that safe, encouraging space once again.

Your virtual life begins here.

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