The Özil affair: A chronology in quotations

May 14:

The DFB as a matter of course respects the special situation of our players with migration backgrounds. However, football and the DFB (German football association) stand for values that are not sufficiently respected by Mr. Erdogan.

“Therefore it is not good that our national team players were misused as part of election campaign maneuver. With this move, the two players certainly did not further our work on the issue of integration.” –  DFB President Reinhard Grindel via Twitter

“Now as before I have not doubt about Mesut’s and Ilkay’s clear commitment to playing for the German national team, as well as the fact that they identify with our values.” – National team general manager Oliver Bierhoff

“It was not our intention to use this photo to make a political statement, and certainly not to take part in an election campaign.” – Ilkay Gündogan

May 15:

“People can make mistakes and we need to keep things in proportion. I believe that both know that they made a mistake.” – Reinhard Grindel

Source: DW

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