Social activities to do with your friends during the lockdown

Being home for days on end might be paradise for some, but for a lot of us, the lack of socialising can be challenging. To prevent cabin fever, a number of people are utilising apps for doing virtual activities with their friends. Here’s a list of things you can do with your mates:


  1. Meet new friends in a throwback chatroom on the inLinx app
  2. Jump on a group call complete with games with Houseparty
  3. Love a round of Cards Against Humanity? You’ll love Evil Apples
  4. It’s suddenly 2009 again! Engage in a thrilling game of Words with Friends
  5. Exercise your artistic skills with Draw Something
  6. Play some classic board games with Mills
  7. Virtually Netflix and chill with Netflix Party
  8. Get to know the people who live near you with Nextdoor
  9. Play live group games with up to 8 of your friends for free with Bunch
  10. Motivate each other and get fit with FitOn

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