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Russian Prison Guard Charged With Murdering Inmate

A prison guard in western Russia’s Bryansk region has been charged with murdering an inmate and sent to pretrial detention.

The Investigative Committee said on July 25 that the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) officer, who was not identified, was also charged with abuse of power.

The guard "bound [the inmate’s] face with a cloth, as a result of which the latter died of asphyxiation," the committee said in a statement. It said the incident occurred on July 22.

It is the second case of alleged violent abuse at a Russian penitentiary to come out into the open in recent days.

On July 24, a court in the city of Yaroslavl, northeast of Moscow, sent five FSIN officers to pretrial detention in a high-profile case of the brutal beating of a prison inmate. A sixth’s officer’s possible pretrial detention in the case is under consideration.

The Investigative Committee said on July 23 that six officers of Corrective Colony No. 1 in Yaroslavl, northeast of Moscow, had been detained after a video showing the beating of an inmate identified as Yevgeny Makarov was published by the independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta and circulated widely on the Internet last week.

The Investigative Committee said all the officers on the video had been identified and a probe was launched into what it called "a crime." A human rights lawyer who gave Novaya Gazeta the video has fled the country while seeking protection from state law enforcement authorities.

The FSIN said on July 24 that it will investigate all reports about violence in penitentiaries across Russia in 2017.

On July 25, United Nations human rights experts urged Russian authorities to prosecute alleged widespread cases of torture in Russian prisons and labor camps, including beatings, electric shocks, and suffocation.

Source: Radio Free Europe

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