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Olympic Officials Upgrade Medals For Two Russians After Doping Bans

Olympics officials say they will give medal upgrades to two Russian runners who have served bans after testing positive for doping.

The International Olympic Committee said on August 29 that Yekaterina Poistogova and Tatyana Tomashova will each receive silver medals.

Tomashova was barred from the 2008 Olympics and banned when a doping sample she submitted was found to contain someone else’s urine.

Poistogova was banned for two years in 2017 after world anti-doping authorities found she had admitted to using banned substances and discussed techniques to "thwart drug detection."

At the 2012 Olympics, Tomashova was fourth in the 1,500 meters, while Poistogova finished fourth in the 800 meters.

The move comes after other athletes were stripped of their medals. It wasn’t immediately clear who the other athletes were.

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