Max Meyer gets his big money move to the Premier League. But at what cost?

It would be interesting to ask Roger Wittman precisely where he believes Crystal Palace rank among Europe’s “top clubs”.

Max Meyer’s agent was supposedly adamant his client would be “first-choice” at a Champions League contender this season. Having never played a single game in elite European competition since forming back in 1905, it’s fair to assume the south London club wasn’t what he had in mind.

Meyer is expected to sign a lucrative deal for Crystal Palace this week, finally putting an end to one of the summer’s more curious transfer sagas.

His decision to swap Schalke, his boyhood club and a Champions League participant this coming season, for a team that finished 11th in the Premier League last time out, certainly appears fishy.

Whatever his reasons for joining Palace, Meyer’s in desperate need of a fresh start. Once a darling at Schalke, the 22-year old has recently become the poster boy for all that is wrong with modern football: a young player apparently only interested in money.

In his defense, there are some ways, other than obvious financial ones, that this move could work out. Palace are a well-established club, in one of Europe’s top leagues, with an experienced coach and some of English football’s most passionate fans. The squad, while unlikely to be a serious contender on any front, certainly isn’t lacking in talent.

There’s no reason Meyer shouldn’t thrive at Selhurst Park. Assuming he performs the way Schalke fans know he can, a move to a bigger club surely won’t be too far down the line.

Source: DW

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