Magic Leap augmented reality headset goes on sale

Magic Leap’s much-anticipated augmented reality glasses have gone on sale more than three years after the Florida firm released its first teaser video.
The start-up is backed by big names – including Google, Alibaba, AT&T and the Saudi state – which collectively have invested $2.3bn (£1.8bn) in it.
Leap One’s Lightwear headset mixes together graphics and real-world views, and requires a wired link to a small computer, which clips on to a pocket.
A handheld control completes the kit.
The set-up – which is being targeted at software developers and artists – costs $2,295 (£1,780).
That makes it considerably cheaper than the development edition of Microsoft’s rival Hololens gear, which is priced at £2,719.
The Leap One fills up slightly more of the user’s field of view, although the edges of its coverage are still obvious and can detract from the illusions it creates.
And it promises “up to three hours of battery life”, which is similar to its competitor.
Despite its funding, several tech commentators had cast doubt over whether Magic Leap would ever launch a product that lived up to the hype of its promotional material.
Although it has managed to bring a product to market, early impressions suggest a lot more refinement is needed.
“Edges glowed slightly, text was a little fuzzy, and some objects appeared slightly transparent,” wrote Adi Robertson for the Verge news site.
“Tracking was generally good, but objects occasionally shifted or jittered. A few times, animated objects seized up altogether.”
CNBC’s Todd Haselton described the headset as being bulky but comfortable, adding that it “can be hard to see objects that are really close to you or too big for the headset’s field of view”.
He concluded that, although it was “impressive”, it would be likely to take years to create a model suitable for the general public “where there’s no limit on the field of view and where every TV channel and movie and game I want to play is all in that world”.

Source: BBC

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