Kevin Kuranyi: The DFB has singled out Mesut Özil

Unfortunately, a sad issue is still a big topic of discussion both in Germany and here in Russia. The Mesut Özil problem needs to be dealt with. I cannot understand the new dynamics driving this story. Mesut definitely made a mistake before the tournament, and he hasn’t improved things by maintaining his silence.

However, the German football assoociation’s (DFB) officials, as well as Germany’s players, have long since declared the issue over. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the approach that they should stick to. And since things didn’t go the national team’s way and the criticism continues, now one player is being singled out, and an issue that was actually over, has been re-opened. It would have been more credible for the DFB to have criticized Özil or to have taken some sort of action right after “Erdogangate” happened.

Now, Özil is being blamed for everything that went wrong with Germany’s World Cup. I think that’s bad. It seems like the spotlight is being focused on one individual to distract from one’s own shortcomings. This looks like a distraction to me, and I hope that this discussion will end soon so that we’ll be able to shift our focus back to football. And now football is a big deal in Moscow.

The World Cup major success for Russia

The whole tournament was a success for the whole of Russia. Looking around at the fan festival in Moscow on Sunday, it was clear to see that Russia has truly become a footballing country in a very short period of time. I could have not imagined this would happen. The Russian national team did very well, and the Russian fans’ behavior was magnificent. You could sense an enthusiasm developing among the local supporters, and that could not have been anticipated in advance.

Like many others, my expectations ahead of this World Cup were dead wrong. It shows how football has the power to change things and bring people together. I have never seen people in this country seem so happy and cheerful as they have been over the past three weeks, and during thist time I have traveled all across the country.

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Source: DW

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