Spread the Holiday Cheer this December with inLinx

This holiday season, as you drink eggnog by the fire, leave cookies out for Santa, or frolic in the snow, you’ll want to share it with your closest friends and family. So, learn how inLinx can help connect you to everyone you love during the holidays.

Be Together Virtually for the Holidays

As Santa visits every house on Christmas Eve, so can you. inLinx’s chat function allows you to be anywhere in the world, at any time. Therefore, if you can’t physically be together during the holidays, you can meet up in our virtual space and spend every cheerful moment together. You can countdown the moments till Santa arrives, virtually bake cookies with your children, and open presents together on Christmas morning.

Send Virtual Christmas Cards

The holiday season is a time to take pictures as a family and inform every loved one what you’ve been up to for the past year. This year, why not save some trees and use inLinx to spread your holiday cheer? You can upload family pictures to our platform and share them with whoever you want. Use our “treat as” function to show whatever family photos and Christmas cards you want to whoever you want, and make sure they are the only ones that see them.

With inLinx’s safety and security settings, you can also be sure that these precious family moments don’t ever leave your family. You’ll never find the photos on search engines and they’ll always be safe with the ones you love.

Create Some Holiday Buzz for Your Business

The holiday season is a great time for businesses because friends and family are all on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift. Therefore, you can use our free SEO-friendly business marketplace to ensure that present-seekers know that the gift they’re looking for is at your store. Our business tools help to get your business noticed at the top of Google searches so that you get all the Christmas traffic. inLinx will be your holiday manager and ensure your business gets the full treatment.



This Christmas, the best present to give your family is the gift of a new virtual life. So, surprise your family and sign up for inLinx so you can start creating new memories and spreading some holiday cheer. Happy holidays! We look forward to adding you to our family!

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