How to get on top of a Google search?

Have you been racking your brains over how the latest algorithms of Google will affect you? Or maybe algorithms themselves are Greek to you and you just want to appear on top in Google searches?

It can be a daunting task. Google uses algorithms to give you the most relevant answers to your search. Algorithms are simply a set of rules established to solve a problem. You have a question. Google wants to answer it in the most effective and relevant way.

Google search algorithms changes 500 times a year

The search engine is obviously interested in keeping its dominating market position and continuously wants to improve its service. Thus, it updates its algorithms (or rules) over 500 times a year, making it hard for small businesses to keep on top of the changes.

Organic search wins 94% of the time

You can of course advertise to get your page on top of Google, but users prefer organic Google searches. In fact users clicks on organic listings on Google 94% of the time. Also, advertising can also be a costly adventure for start-ups and small to medium sized businesses who have plenty of other things to spend their money on.

Photo: John Schnobrich

inLinx can help

The new social media network, inLinx, promises to help. By creating a business page on their network, they promise to get you highly ranked on Google. inLinx uses search friendly SEO to help the pages get top ranking on Google. And it is completely free of charge.

inLinx is a new social media network, launched in October 2018, aiming to put users back in control of their social media content. The network is available world-wide in over 50 languages and provides enhanced privacy and customised features that aims to bring friends and family closer together. The network also has reintroduced the chat-room making it possible to make new friends from around the world.

Our advice: stop driving yourself mad and just make a business page on InLinx. It will save you both time and money and give your business the attention it deserves.

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