How is inLinx different from other social networks?


Based on inLinx blog, the followings are some of the key features which I believe makes inLinx different from other social networks. inLinx may not be perfect, but, as a start up one must give them credit their forward thinking and innovative approach to social networking.

1. Socially and culturally acceptable

inLinx social network

As I am sure you are aware, many of the top social networking websites are banned in some countries as they have failed to take cultural sensitivity into account. The good news, however, is that inLinx may be one of the only social media networks that could be acceptable by most cultures and regions of the world as it offers many customisable features. For example, some countries may not allow dating websites. Because of its customisation feature, inLinx can block that particular feature for these regions, and the user will be able to benefit from other features instead. For example, using inLinx purely as a family social networking website. Let’s take a look at the customisable features:

1.1 An exclusive family social networking website where you can create up to 4 family groups for your aunties/uncles, parents, in-laws etc. This enables you to control what each of your families sees, pretty much like in real life. InLinx lets you create virtual families – Just like your own family, you can be part of several families where you can have full control over which families see what.

1.2 A social network for friends, families and acquaintancessimilar to Facebook that helps you to stay connected with close friends, family and the outside world.

1.3 A social networking website for dating or making new friends. Just go to the Chatroom where you can search for contacts based on gender, age and country. Once you have got to know your acquaintance better, you can even move them to your friends/linx group, but only when you’re ready.

1.4 A digital market place where you can promote your business free of charge. Take advantage of the SEO friendly, free business listing. We use an algorithm that helps businesses to be found on Google search, mostly on the first page. Create a page in under 30 seconds through just a couple of simple clicks.


2. A customised social media network where you are in the driving seat

You can choose to close or hide any of your family/friends groups or the Chatroom tab with just a simple click. inLinx understands the importance of ‘work-life balance’. Through the three dedicated tabs, one each for Family, Linx/Public and Chatroom, you can be engaged across all three at any one time by simply switching between the tabs. You also have the option of closing or hiding any of the three tabs, allowing you to spend your time where you like, helping you to balance your time more efficiently.


3. Introducing the ‘Treat as’ function – the first of its kind

inlinx Treat

As the world’s most forward thinking, innovative social media company, inLinx is proud to introduce the ‘treat as’ function. ‘Treat as’ allows you to treat friends and family pretty much as you would do in real life. You have the option to treat an individual as either family or Linx. If you choose to treat someone as family, they can only see the posts for the family they belong to. If you decide to treat someone as a Linx, this means that they can see both the family as well as the Linx/friends posts.


4. The first social network to be translated into over 50 languages

languages in the world

inLinx perhaps might be the only social media networking website to be translated into over 50 languages by its official launch date. inLinx is also aiming to double the number of languages available within a year, making inLinx available in over 100 languages.


5. Bringing the 90’s chatroom back to life

Just like in the 90’s, you can join the main chatroom or select who you want to chat with by selecting their age, gender and the country in which they live. An ideal way of dating online or making new friends. You can either join the Chatroom and engage in conversation using your real profile or if you prefer you can create a nickname – it’s entirely up to you.


6. Multiple timelines

inLinx Tab

Unlike other social media websites where you are stuck with only one timeline, inLinx permits you to have up to 5 timelines, enabling you to post what you like, where you want. Choose to create and follow all 5 timelines, or just stick with the one – the choice is all yours!


7. Get your business page at the top of Google

inLinx SEO

Getting your business page listed on the first page of Google can be quite challenging, involving costly marketing companies and could end up costing you thousands. Through its unique, SEO friendly algorithm, inLinx helps entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses get themselves heard free of charge on Google, often on the first page. Why not see it for yourself. For e.g, search for Rami Arts and Crafts or Van Tol-Heraud EIRL.


8. Treasured memories that won’t ever fade

We all want to create our own personal history and leave an important legacy behind for all those near and dear to us to share in and see. That’s why inLinx lets you store all your memories you have shared with family and friends on your timelines so you can look back on them in years to come and reminisce about the past.

This is the perfect opportunity to inform your child about your family tree and introduce them to all your family members through inLinx’s virtual families. You can give them an invaluable insight into your family journey and share with them special occasions and events that happened before they were even born.

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