Google: An A to Z of search results

Google now handles more than three billion searches a day.
The vast majority are for complete words or phrases. But premature pushes of the enter key mean many end up being for single letters too.
Most of us simply go back and try again.
But some of those unique-character searches throw up intriguing results and serve as a snapshot of popular culture.
So, we went for a run round the alphabet to see who or what the search giant associates with each letter.
The results were sourced from queries made via an anonymous Google UK Search, ignoring ads, recent news stories and dictionary/wiki-based results.
They were carried out via a browser cleaned of cookies and other tracking data.
Your own personalised results may differ, and the ever-evolving nature of the web means some may have changed in the period between writing and publication.
Ali-A – YouTube channel
More than 14 million people follow the British video-maker’s YouTube channel, in which he shows off his gaming skills.
The popularity of his Call of Duty videos led to him being awarded several Guinness World Records in 2015, but these days you’re more likely to find him blasting and dancing his way through Fortnite.
B – a smart digital banking service
Clydesdale Bank’s app makes the most of its compact name, beating BBC iPlayer into second place in the UK.
But the same search in much of the rest of the world yields the B Corporation’s impact assessment test. The non-profit organisation measures how socially and environmentally responsible other organisations are, and awards them a certificate if they get a high enough score.

Source: BBC

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