Fortnite: Schools ‘could learn lessons from gaming’

Techniques borrowed from video games such as Fortnite could transfer to the classroom to make lessons more engaging, says an education expert.
The survival and shooting game has proved hugely popular since it was launched in 2017.
But some primary schools in Wales have contacted parents to draw attention to guidance about the 12+ rated game.
One head teacher said some children play it late into the night which has a “huge impact on their learning”.
What is Fortnite?
The most popular version of the game is the free Fortnite: Battle Royale where up to 100 players can compete against each other, fighting in an increasingly smaller area to be the last person standing.
BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat’s gaming reporter Steffan Powell said the game had been “a huge runaway hit”.
“It’s free to play, you add some cartoony graphics in there, easy to pick up and play controls and also the fact that the people behind the game are constantly tweaking it and changing it, giving players something new to try out all the time,” he said.
“And then you’ve got YouTubers, influencers and twitch streamers playing it all the time, sharing their experiences with people all across the world.
“And that’s why so many people have really taken Fortnite to their hearts and why they go home every night after school or after work and play it for a couple of hours.”
What do the teachers say?
Laura Perrett, of Llantarnam Community Primary School in Cwmbran, Torfaen, is one of several head teachers who have highlighted advice about the game in school newsletters or on twitter feeds.
“I would say it’s massive at the moment,” she said.
“We’re hearing lots and lots and lots about it in school. It’s definitely a craze that’s sweeping through I’d say Key Stage 2 – seven plus.

Source: BBC

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