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A New Supplemental Biology Resource from NSTA Opens a Window to Science Ideas and Practices

ARLINGTON, Va.–()–A new NSTA Press book is designed to motivate students in grades 6–12 to ask not just “Why?” but also “How do we know?” Reading Nature: Engaging Biology Students With Evidence From the Living World is grounded in peer-reviewed texts from scientific journals and shows how scientific studies unfold in real-world settings.

To make the information easy for students to grasp, the authors have adapted the source material extensively. They highlight the role of people in the narrative and provide both context and relevant data for all investigations. To facilitate teaching, the book also provides helpful teacher questions and prompts.

Each of the evidence-based texts featured in the book ties into one of five disciplinary core ideas—from molecules to organisms, ecosystems, heredity, biological evolution, and human impacts on Earth systems. Teachers can use Reading Nature as an inquiry activity at the beginning of a unit or as an introduction to an investigation. They can also use it to pull ideas together before a summative assessment.

Browse sample pages of this title for free at the NSTA Science Store website.

For additional information or to purchase a copy of Reading Nature: Engaging Biology Students With Evidence From the Living World and other books from NSTA Press, visit the NSTA Science Store. To order by phone, call 800-277-5300 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET weekdays. The 199-page book is priced at $24.95 and discount-priced for NSTA members at $19.96. (Stock # PB427X; ISBN # 978-1-68140-280-2)

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The Arlington, VA-based National Science Teachers Association is the largest professional organization in the world promoting excellence in science teaching and learning, preschool through college. NSTA’s membership includes approximately 50,000 science teachers, science supervisors, administrators, scientists, business representatives, and others involved in science education.

NSTA Press® produces 25 to 30 new books and e-books each year. Focused on the preK–college market and specifically aimed at teachers of science, NSTA Press titles offer a unique blend of accurate scientific content and sound teaching strategies. Follow NSTA Press on Facebook for the latest information and new book releases.

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